Little Red School House Campaign

Dear BICCC Alumni, Families and Supporters:

We have very exciting news. We’ve located a permanent place for both our Big Kids and Kids Club programs!

BICCC has purchased 2 1⁄2 pastoral and pristine acres, the former home of Voyager Montessori on High School Road. However, the site needs some work done before it can become our new Big Kids and Kids Club home. We are working hard to raise the funds to make this dream a reality.

With your help, we will:

  • Improve the existing buildings to meet state licensing and program needs;
  • Acquire a second, pre-fabricated building to house the multi-purpose center;
  • Improve the grounds and add playground equipment.

As you know, BICCC was fortunate to have been able to lease property from the Bainbridge Island School District for many years. Now the District needs the building, but we are excited for this opportunity to create a new, permanent home for BICCC.