Tuition Rates

BICCC is committed to providing quality child care and education to families of all income levels. BICCC works directly with Helpline House, the City of Bainbridge Island, and DSHS to provide scholarships as needed.


  • Tuition is due on the fifth business of the current month, unless other arrangements have been made in advance
  • Tuition rates incorporate holidays and other closure days (such as inclement weather). Please see our calendar for a schedule of closures and special events.
  • Tuition is reviewed on an annual basis, and fees are subject to change.
  • BICCC requires a 2-week written notification of withdrawal from our program.

    Children’s Center Tuition Rates 2020-21

  • Annual Registration Fee: $50.00
  • Annual Maintenance Fee: $120.00 ($60 charged in Sep and $60 charged in Feb)
  • $10 credit given for doing laundry (Limit of 5 times per year.)
  • Sunscreen: $12 per year with written permission

Days Per WeekFull Time Plus (Over 10 hours)Full Time (8-10 hours)3/4 Time (7 hours or less)Part Time (4 hours)


Big Kids & Kids Club 1st-6th Grade Tuition Rates

 2020-21 – during Hybrid School Session

  • Annual Registration Fee = $25.00 (Fall & Summer Per Child)
  • Annual Maintenance Fee = $ 60.00 (Fall & Summer Per Family)
  • Lunch: $4
  • Sunscreen: $12 per year with written permission
  • Shuttle: $20

BK & KCExtended Care  -For children with a set schedule = $ 7.50/hr

BK & KC : Drop-In Care  -For children that do not attend regularly = $ 9.00/hr


Contact teachers to complete form for any schedule change

Hybrid School Rate Schedule

RateAM SessionPM SessionAll DayMonth
Learning Pod Rate$30$30$60$600 / $1200
Non-Pod Rate$24$24$48$480 / $960
Friday - All DayAM POD with PM after care$54