Executive Director
Shelley demonstrates leadership, compassion, enthusiasm, and strategic thinking that greatly benefits our children, families, staff, and community. She brings a background of experience in nonprofits and strong community connections that promotes a secure and bright future for BICCC, and ensures that all three BICCC programs provide the nurturing and enrichment that every child deserves in the safe, reliable environment that every parent depends on.


Program Director, Children’s Center                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   With over 3 decades in early learning and public education, Joyce has established expertise in delivering thoughtful guidance and teaching strategies that enrich teacher’s educational effectiveness to promote children’s learning.  She advocates for, and believes in, collaborative dialog that nurtures the collective ideas and value of all.  Adaptability, empathy, reliability, and integrity are the qualities that best define Joyce.


Program Director, Big Kids
Bridgette supervises the program for kindergartners, first-, and second-graders, leading a powerful and intuitive team at Big Kids. Her students and staff are in kind and capable hands and the high level of care BICCC is committed to has flourished under her guidance. She is dedicated to fostering joy in creative expression and knowledge for every child.


Site Supervisor Kids Club
Brigitte oversees the Kids Club program for our third through sixth graders. Brigitte is utterly tireless in her efforts to create memorable experiences for her kids and their families. She has deep reserves of empathy and insight while creating a safe and enriching environment for the children in her care. The teachers who work under her guidance possess the same balance of good-natured appreciation for the kids and create clear boundaries for positive growth. Brigitte is an asset to BICCC as well as the Bainbridge community.